I’m a full service listing agent. What does that mean? It means that I am going to do a lot more than just stick a sign in your yard!

While I don’t advocate holding open houses, I do advocate creative marketing. I want to expose your house to as many qualified buyers as I possibly can. “Qualified buyers” is the keyword there.

So where are the qualified buyers of AZ real estate in Chandler and the Phoenix East Valley? They are with their Realtors! So that is who I do the majority of my marketing to when I list your house – the Realtors that have the qualified buyers.

And let’s not forget that these same buyers are surfing the internet too. Your home is going to be all over the internet when you list with me. And that includes good pictures with creative descriptions.

And how much is this going to cost you? Probably less than you think. I always discount my commission so you end up with more of your money in your pocket!