What is the number one thing that buyers of AZ real estate in Chandler and the Phoenix East Valley are looking for in a real estate agent? Well when the National Association of Realtors did a survey not too long ago the answer didn’t really surprise me. Buyers want an agent who is going to be honest.

I’m comfortable with that. In fact, on a few occasions it has probably cost me a sale because I presented all of the facts even if I didn’t have to.

Look, there are a myriad of disclosures and paperwork that need to be sifted through. There are the seller disclosures, title reports, insurance claims histories, and so many other things that will influence your decision about whether or not the home you are buying is right for you. And the timeline to sift through this all is very short!

I am an expert when it comes to these Arizona real estate disclosures. Ultimately all decisions are yours. It is my job to make sure that you have all of the facts so that you can make an informed decision.

And buyers also benefit from my many years of experience in helping people find the right house and then helping them negotiate the very
best terms and conditions (and of course price).