"Life is not a destination, it's a journey.  You need to pause and reflect along the way, appreciating all of the gifts your experiences have given you. I try to make the journey as exciting and satisfying as possible every step of the way.  That's what allows me to appreciate everything the world has to offer while also enjoying a successful and rewarding career as a full time Realtor and designated broker of Rider's Realty."

Jeff Hunt

Who is Jeff?

Its late afternoon on a Saturday, and Jeff Hunt of Rider's Realty has just returned from another road trip through
the scenic mountains and valleys of Arizona.  He climbs aboard his Harley-Davidson V-Rod for the last leg of
the ride home on yet another day of perfect (well, maybe a little hot) weather.  Jeff just can't seem to wipe the
smile off of his face as the desert wind and wispy clouds combine with the promise of another gorgeous sunset.
As he heads home, he reflects on his life, family, and close circle of friends.  With humble gratitude he realizes
that life just doesn't get much better than this.

​In fact, Jeff Hunt is living proof that extraordinary things can arise from modest beginnings.  Raised in East-central
Illinois, Jeff was taught Midwestern values and instilled with a respect and love of nature.  Philanthropy and charity
were concepts cherished by his parents and carry over in his life to this day.  After graduating from Eastern Illinois
University, Jeff pursued a career as a Superintendent at the Charleston Parks & Recreation Department for several
years.  During that time he also taught a course at the university, pursued a Masters Degree, and was involved in
several civic associations including a term as President of the local AMBUCS organization.

Relocating to Arizona changed Jeff's life forever.  He soon found himself in sales in the motor-sports industry.  Selling motorcycles, quads and watercraft logically turned to collecting toys too.  Unfortunately, the used car mentality wore on him, and he found the need to shift focus.  A very close friend at the time took him under her wing, and convinced him to give real estate a try.  It turned out to be a natural progression as Jeff had been investing in real estate all along, and had been convincing his friends to do the same.  He found so much satisfaction in helping first time buyers, repeat buyers and sellers meet their goals as a Realtor that he never turned back.

Jeff Hunt's Midwestern roots keep him focused on helping others, but it's his business savvy that sets him apart.  Sellers benefit from his discounted full service listings which include creative advertising and marketing which help position a home for a quick sale.  With buyers, it's his ability to listen to and recognize needs and wants, as well as an uncanny ability to spot real value.  Even though he is the designated broker of Rider's Realty, he understands that it's not just an investment; it's your home!

Whether you're interested in buying or selling a home in the Phoenix metropolitan area, you can always count on Jeff to help you achieve a higher quality of life for yourself and your family.  He knows firsthand how rewarding it is to achieve a lifestyle where you're free to live life to the fullest, follow your dreams and establish roots that will last a lifetime. That's why he loves to help his clients reach their personal goals.

So before your next move, give Jeff Hunt a call.  Passionate, hard working and dedicated to helping his clients achieve their goals, this down to earth real estate broker is in your corner when it comes to AZ real estate in Chandler and the Phoenix East Valley.